Meet Maria



Owner - Intuitive Healer

Craniosacral Therapist - Reiki Master Teacher -  Distance Healing

Maria is a gifted healing medium working with Divine Healing energy since 2003. Maria believes healing should be gentle, safe, effective and fun! Mimicking the original home-based practice she started in 2005, Maria has created a warm home-like atmosphere in the West Concord office where she relocated in 2013. With a strong interest in helping people with chronic pain and stress find peace and joy, Maria is helping children and families struggling with injuries, learning disabilities, developmental and emotional problems. She specializes in releasing chronic pain and emotional blockages and childhood trauma. She sees a lot of clients with physical such as head injuries, concussions, and back injuries as well as emotional trauma. Maria has also had success with clients with chronic medical problems such as migraines, autoimmune disease and cancer and working through childhood issues which are often related to chronic illness.


People come to her with serious illness and pain often after they have not had success with conventional medicine.

She is super patient with kids who are anxious and helps them to feel comfortable coming to her.  She takes the

time to get to know her clients and really makes them feel at home in her office. Dramatic results often come

in just 1-3 sessions.

Students come from all over Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire to participate in Maria's classes in

an intimate setting with personal attention and a supportive environment.

Maria is married and a long time Concord resident and mother of 2 boys.  When not working,

she spends her time on the beach, kayaking on rivers, bird watching, harvesting wild herbs, making soap

and other things that connect her to nature and crafts.

Professional Training

Craniosacral Therapist trained at the Upledger Institute with expertise in 

Somato Emotional Release, Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Conception and Birth and the Endocrine System 

and works as an Upledger Institute Teaching Assistant.

Craniosacral for Infants training with Carol Gray

New England Center for Craniosacral Therapy 

Certified Usui Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master Teacher from William Lee Rand, International Reiki Training Center 

Tufts Dental School continuing Ed course on Pediatric Tongue and Lip Ties

TummyTime! TM Method  and is a certified TummyTime! Tutor trained by

Michelle Emmanuel pediatric OT therapist specializing in infant development. 

Theraputic Qi Gong instructor trained by Dr. Aihan Kuhn at the

New England School of Tai Chi

Trainer in Qigong Massage for Autism taught by Dr. Louisa Silva founder of

Member of the International Association of Healthcare Professionals

Worcester Polytechnic Institute B.S. in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering,

Maria worked in the engineering field for 15 years prior to starting her Wellness Practice. 

All Treatments are via Remote Healing

You can pay and book online or email me for booking. If you don't find a time that works for you on the calendar please reach out as with the distance treatments the schedule is very flexible.  I am no longer seeing clients in person.