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working with your body's natural healing process

We provide a holistic health and wellness approach with positive heart centered care in a compassionate family practice. Come and be treated with love and kindness and receive gentle and highly effective care in a relaxed, home-like environment. We treat pain, illness and injury using gentle light touch bodywork,

 Intuitive Divine healing energy and plant based solutions.  

Infants · Children · Adults

Reiki Classes for all levels.  Essential oil and Herbal workshops. Monthly meditation and healing groups. 

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Healing Medium · Reiki · Craniosacral · Therapy · Qigong · TummyTime · Essential Oils · Herbals

Concord Family Wellness aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. In order to reach this goal, we offer a variety of wellness services. Many clients come for relief from head, neck and back pain, migraines, sciatica, concussive injuries, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, cancer and more.  We are here to support urgent care in cases of illness or injury.

Our holistic approach works on a wide variety of conditions because we treat people not problems.

We provide custom and highly intuitive care in a compassionate setting.


Divinely Guided Energy and Bodywork

Come in, lay down on a massage table fully clothed in something comfortable. Experience light touch energy and body work to facilitate your body's natural healing processes. Deeply calming and relaxing. Clients experience a feeling of peace and overall well being. Reduces stress, pain, nausea, anxiety and more in just one session.  More dramatic shifts happen typically in 2-5 sessions. Because of the holistic approach, we see results with a wide variety of issues from head, neck and back pain and injuries, chronic pain, emotionally based pain, autoimmune and chronic illness. This work is truly uplifting and empowering as it works with the mind, body and spirit.


From Colic to Sports Injuries

 Developmental Issues to Growing Pains 

Come in, plop on our couch or floor.  Kick off your shoes. Make yourself at home. We love children!


  • Infants Specialized infant sessions to help with birth, development and illness. Infant sessions support digestion, elimination, nursing, colic, teething, nervous system, motor function, vision, neck restrictions and head molding, as well as illness recovery.

Pre and post tongue tie release treatments. Parent training in TummyTime.


  • Children Let's play with farm animals or legos for a while and get comfortable. Sessions for little ones are often playful and relaxed and child led so they feel safe, nurturing and in general kids feel really relaxed about coming here and easily comply with the table work. Child treatment sessions often address allergies, ear infections, anxiety, pain, illness, learning issues and more.

We provide parent training for Qigong massage for children with autism, sensory, anxiety and more.

  • Teens We understand what is like to be a teen. Sessions to support and empower teens through illness, injury and emotional stress. We listen and understand the pressure and demands of school, activities, sports, siblings, friends, peers, home life compounded by injuries and illness. We can help with growing pains! 

Craniosacral therapy is great for treating migraines, concussive injuries, back and neck pain.



Plant based remedies for illness, allergies, injury, and emotional support.

Plants are powerful medicine.  A total healing experience requires time and patience. Whole bodies need whole plants, whole foods and healthy relationships in safe environments in order to heal. It is our philosophy that total healing doesn't come in the form of a prescription for one pill to take twice a day but rather a combination of healthy foods combined with the support of herbal and essential oils and supplements to bring things in balance.

You will discover that total healing is a process that evolves as you heal. It is common for a health plan to change over time. Experiencing total healing will become an empowering experience. It is one that will help you take charge of your health and well-being.



Reiki Training - Meditation - Herbals - Essential Oils- TummyTime! and more

Reiki training available for all levels for use for yourself and family or start your own practice.

Events and workshops including meditation, group healing, tummy time, essential oils and herbals.

New Holy Fire 3 Reiki Classes for January and March forming now.



Reiki I is an all day workshop in which you learn to do a full body Reiki session for yourself and others. Improve your intuition, find your gifts and talents. People leave feeling calm and relaxed and excited to share their new found healing gifts.


Reiki II continues where Reiki I left off we learn traditional distance, mental and emotional, and power symbols. We practice using those symbols in class using Reiki energy from the group for a powerful healing experience.  Students from other teachers and lineages accepted.

Reiki ART and Master is a three day retreat-like class that starts you on your journey to becoming a practitioner and teach others Reiki.  The first day is Advanced Reiki Training or ART for short. You learn the Reiki master symbol and master healing techniques. Day two and three you learn the Holy Fire symbol and how to give Holy Fire Placements (sometimes called attunements) and Ignitions and how to teach all the levels of Reiki.

Starting your Own Healing Practice two day workshop. Are you a healer? Or do you feel called to start a healing, practice? Have you started and had trouble getting it going. The world needs more healers! This field is growing as more and more people are seeking alternatives to medicine. We will do some energetic work to clear any blockages and open up our vision to the future. Learn practical tips and tricks to starting up including everything from marketing and room setup. Great class for Reiki, energy healers or others who are ready to get going and put yourself out there this fall!


 Divinely Guided Meditation and Healing is monthly group on Sunday afternoons. Join Maria each month for deep relaxing guided meditation, energy healing from the Divine and a cup of tea and social time afterwards with like minded souls. 90 minutes or more. Concord Family Wellness $30



Reiki and Meditation at TruNature in Maynard Join Maria on Thursday evenings (alternating weeks) for deep relaxing guided meditation, Reiki energy, and salt therapy.  We have joined with TruNature Salt cave to offer this unique summer series. So come, join us, cool off in the cave and relieve stress, pain and anything else that ails you.  Lay back in comfortable zero gravity chairs while Maria takes you on a deep relaxing and healing journey. 60 minutes.

Held at TruNature 79 Main St in Maynard.


Since 'back to sleep' Pediatricians have been seeing more head molding, neck issues, feeding, nervous system and other issues and telling their patients to do more tummy time for healthy growth and development. Yet, many moms try it, the baby screams and they say 'my baby doesn't like it.'  We work with moms and babies to make tummy time relaxing, safe and fun! We use the Tummytime! TM method developed by Michelle Emmanuel, a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist and Infant expert. She has over 20 years experience built into her program and it works and is easy once you know how. We combine movement, touch and connection for nervous system support and regulation, bonding, motor development, visual development, improved tongue movement and latch, digestion, elimination, head molding, neck movement and more. All this and you and your baby will learn to enjoy this time together. Classes run in a 4 week series. Private sessions available as well with infant bodywork.


Helping Families Be Well Since 2006

We believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and good health. These feelings inform and guide our core teachings, treatments, services and practices at Concord Family Wellness, as we focus on helping clients improve their level of health and happiness. We offer a variety of services to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds.  Reducing stress, pain, illness and getting back their lives after major illness and accidents. Explore our site to learn more about us and what we can do for your health. Come in, sit and make yourself comfortable. We want you to feel at home here. This photo was taken in my family room before I moved to my office in 2013. We tried to bring that same warmth and inviting feeling to my office space.


Maria Tinglof

Craniosacral, Reiki, Intuitive Healing

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